LAX Observation Deck

You never have to look far for cool and free things to do in Los Angeles. In fact flying into Los Angeles, this is the first thing you see which stands out from all other cities.

Everyone has seen the iconic spaceship looking structure in the center of LAX which has been a symbol of Los Angeles and few locals know about the restaurant inside and even fewer locals know about the roof which serves as an observation deck where you can really see just how big LAX really is.

Being the sixth busiest airport on earth means you can see planes of every description constantly taking off and landing.

The airport was kind enough to also provide free telescopes around the deck and it is a great place to just sit on a bench and chill.

As usual I will let pictures and videos take care of describing the place but here are a few interesting facts.

The building is called the “Theme Building” and was built in 1962 and…

It Was Designed by Disney Imagineering!

This is also a very cool thing to do for locals who show up early to pick up friends flying in to LAX or waiting for a departing flight.

If you are bringing little ones, toy planes always help get them in the spirit and despite free telescopes, binoculars are cool to have as well.

The restaurant inside the building is obviously not free but having a coke there is within most people’s budget and well worth the experience, so here is a link to our coverage of the restaurant in the building called Encounter.



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