Lake Hollywood

Hey it’s Rose. I want to tell you about Lake Hollywood.

Lake Hollywood is great for exercise and a great place to teach your kids how to ride a bike because the path around Lake Hollywood is flat, it’s quiet, and there are few people.

You can go up to 3.2 miles! You could do walking, jogging, biking, or even ride segway scooters.

You can see the Hollywood sign up close. There is a dam which is very cool which people can walk or ride across.  If you look in the water, you can see cute turtles and ducks.


My Dad say sometimes at night, from the other side of the lake, and up a little on the hill, you can see the moon and it’s reflection on the water, and the lights of L.A.  in the background.

The parking was very easy and free.

By the way, no cameras or video recordings are allowed.



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