Gandhi’s Ashes

Self Realization Center

On Sunset Boulevard just a short distance from PCH lies The Self Realization center which is one of the great hidden treasures of Los Angeles. The whole place is designed to be very relaxing. Not even cell phones are allowed and the grounds are truly a work of art.

Since it isn’t really a place to let the kids run amok, my five year old son was not as impressed as my nine year old daughter and most adults.

The big draw here is the just the ambiance. It is quiet, peaceful and a very serene setting.

A great place to think, read, meditate and ruminate.

The memorial on the south side of the lake actually contains some of…

Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashes.

This knowledge brings a reverent yet hopeful and calming affect to one’s mood.

In all of Los Angeles, I’d say this place has the least animosity, uptightness or negative energy associated with life in the big city.

Along the path which circles the lake there are many pleasant spots to stop and sit.

There is a small dock where you can feed or get a peek of…

The Largest Coi Fish I have Ever Seen!

There is a small chapel in the windmill only for meditation and no cameras or noise are allowed which may make it the quietest 400 square feet of public property in all of LA.
The Getty Villa, Will Rogers and Topanga State Beaches, The Annenberg Beach House and Topanga State Park are all VERY close so if you have more time, consider visiting them as well.


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