Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Today’s location is the newly opened Baldwin Hills Overlook. This has to be…

The Best View In Los Angeles!

LA has some of the best city views in the world. The city lights from offshore are one of my favorites but we also have great views of the Ocean, the city, the mountains and any combination of all three.

You can easily see from the beach to downtown. You can see planes landing at LAX and swing your head almost 360 degrees to see  downtown and beyond to the Angeles National forest and on a clear day you can see as far as Big Bear.

This used to be one of my secret little spots to sit and write because nobody was there, it had a great view and there were a lot of ground squirrels and even a Fox or two could be seen if you are quiet long enough.

The whole place became slated for housing development but thankfully they saved it at the last minute.

Unfortunately they did have to develop the land so they shut it down for years, built an overlook, erected a few community buildings and paved the road.

On a whim, I decided to see if it was reopened for the 4th of July. Lucky us. They had been open jut about a month. We returned at dusk to see the most spectacular view of…

Fireworks As Far As The Eye Could See!

We used to be very impressed to count the dozen or so shows we could see from the top of the Hollywood Hills. But here, it was not even possible to count how many shows we saw. They were going off when we arrived and were still going on when we left an hour and a half later.

There were no major shows within 30 miles we didn’t see. The horizon looked liked it was popping with light bursts.

Today we retuned to see how the new park was during the day.

It was not the clearest day but any day is good enough for me.

Rose spotted a snail which looks nothing like the garden snail we have just a few miles away at home.

This is obviously a great spot to picnic but it would also be great for launching a kite because at the top of the mound you are never in the lee of the wind no matter what direction the wind is blowing.

If the wind is blowing you can actually hear a whistling sound coming from the visitor center caused by wind blowing through the slim spaces in the glass doors and panels.

Check it out now before it gets discovered and too crowded like RunyunCanyon.

Since there are so many great locations and viewponts I’ll just add shots as I get them. Sadly, my night photography skills leave a lot to be desired so in some cases I altered the picture to show how far the lights go.

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