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WeHo Carnival


This activity is one I have done several times but if I wait to blog about it you will have missed the boat.

LA is pretty lame for some holidays like New Years Eve. La is okay for others like The Fourth of July. But...

Angelinos Are The Masters of Halloween!

Basically we rule this holiday for three reasons.

Weather- There is always good weather for trick or treating in LA. The worst that could happen is a light rain which would just enhance the mood. It is never freezing cold or too hot to wear costumes.

Movie Industry- This is where attracting the weirdest freaks and geeks from around the world comes in handy. We are a special effects and movie make up town.

This comes in really handy. Long before they were selling small affordable fog machines I decided to create a small haunted house for Halloween. At the time, my brother worked for a place which rented photography gear to professional photographers. One call and I had a professional fog machine.

Producers and directors of horror movies often create very elaborate Haunted Houses and we can be really proud of all the free activities we make available to the kids. Just look in the calendar of free stuff for kids on this site and you will see many.

Gay People- LA has always shown more tolerance towards homosexuals than most cities and Halloween has always been a chance for gay men to dress in drag. Even before the city of West Hollywood was created, there has always been a huge party on Santa Monica Boulevard and I have chosen this huge party as the free activity to cover.

The Party is Massive!

Every Halloween the police block off Santa Monica at Fairfax Blvd. and…

Hundreds of Thousands of Adults Party Down!

Oh did I mention this is not a party for kids? Since I posted so much for kids do do on Halloween, I decided to leave the kids out of this one.

The party is now officially called West Hollywood Carnival. It is supposed to run from 6PM to midnight but I have seen the crowd doesn’t go home right away.

Carnival has costume contests and live music, but the other people in costume are the real show.

The only downside to this event like anything which draws such large crowds, is parking. Just prepare to walk a couple blocks, show up early or pay for parking.

NOTE: The photos used are obviously from prior years and not my own. If Mrs. Everett thought I took them Halloween would be very scary.

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