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Calendars of Free Events in Los Angeles

Getty Center

Getty Center

The Getty Center is the crown Jewel of free things to do in Los Angeles and a must see even if it wasn’t free.

Basically the J. Paul Getty who controlled almost all the oil distribution in America and set aside a huge trust with the sole purpose of buying world class art and displaying it to the public for free.

The foundation did all this out on PCH in a huge Villa complete with gardens and Greek statuary.

At one point they had enough priceless art to replace everything in the museum every day without showing the same thing twice for a whole year.

Obviously it was time for a bigger place so the foundation bought a huge swatch of land next to the 405 as it passes through the canyon.

On the site, they spared no expense and built an incredible center with multiple buildings and gardens. The total bill was over one billion dollars.

The Getty Center contains a library with over 900,000 books and the buildings are filled with 18th century works of art.

In fact, the Getty Ceneter is the…

Wealthiest Art Institution On Earth!

The view is spectacular and they are always throwing live events from workshops for kids to live bands.

Great for picnics and photography.

Parking is only free after 5PM on Saturdays when they are open untill 9PM. Otherwise, they do charge $15 for parking but that includes entry into the museum for as many people as you can get in the car.

Public transportation is also available via metro bus line 761.

HOT TIP: The Getty Villa out on PCH is still there and full of great things to see. Since the center opened it doesn’t get nearly as much PR which helps keep it a hidden gem and parking free can be found on PCH.

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