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Free Fishing


Trout fishing in streams, bass fishing in lakes, bottom fishing at sea or sport fishing offshore; you name it and we probably have it. The only type of fishing I have not done here is ice fishing and dynamite. To tell the truth I am not eager to do either.

Here you can drive up to a stream and fish while trolling along the shore or fish while you picnic in the park next to a lake like Kenneth Hahn. You can grab a party fishing boat out of Marina Del Rey to head out from a few hours to a couple days or surf fish off the beach for perch and halibut.

But, those all require a fishing license. You also need a little gear but nothing which isn’t super easy to beg borrow or steal (rent.)

To stay with the theme of free things to do in Los Angeles, we will cover the…

Types Of Fishing Which Require NO License!

You can fish without a license from the rocks placed by man in the marina but not the rocks placed by mother nature on the beach.

There are fishing platforms in Marina Del Rey and bridges and rock jetties next to the Marina which don’t require a license while fishing.

These are nice if you like watching boats go by.

My favorite places to fish for free, are the piers.

The Piers in Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice, Manhattan Beach and all up and down our coast are free to fish from without a license.

I prefer pier fishing to jetties because the seating is more comfortable, it is easier to keep the kids entertained.

The Venice pier has nothing on it which makes it is great for focused fishing. It doesn’t have the games and rides the Santa Monica pier has so the kids won’t be tempted to abandon me and beg for money to spend.

The Malibu pier is one of my favorites. They recently opened up a couple restaurants on the pier and a couple viewing decks were added.

They are perfectly set up for fishing with benches cleaning stations and decent lighting.

This is great middle ground. No serious distractions and everyone stays more comfortable.
Personally I don’t eat any fish out of the bay. They usually get tossed back into the sea to be caught another day.

I go just to relax by the water. Fishing requires enough attention to keep your mind off of life but not enough thinking to get stressed.

It is nice to just sit with your poll in the water. Watch the sunset and when you feel like it, check your poll or just give it a tug and listen to the smooth rhythm of the waves hitting the beach.

And…every once in a while you get the excitement of catching a fish.

This is an activity you should think about preparing for. The gear is easy. A poll, a couple hooks, some sinkers and last night’s leftovers for bait is all you need to fish.

But usually the walk from the car to the fishing spots is NOT VERY FAR and a comfy folding chair, a thermos of chocolate or maybe a little radio can make you even more comfortable.

Now that we have covered free fishing, if you are really into fishing, a license isn’t too expensive if you fish often. Plus, once you have a license you can fish in all kinds of streams, ponds and lakes we have here. There is offshore fishing and surf fishing from the beach if you don’t want to leave LA.

But our mountain streams and lakes have a lot of fishing too.

We have added some links below to sites with good information on fishing in the Los Angeles area.