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The Automobile Driving Museum


Classic cars at  Automobile Driving Museum in LA

Vintage car at  Automobile Driving Museum

Model cars at  Automobile Driving Museum

Vintage car from  Automobile Driving Museum

Indie  Automobile Driving Museum

another classic at  Automobile Driving Museum

Gonzo at  Automobile Driving Museum in Los Angeles

old ambulance at  Automobile Driving Museum

I’m not sure if this place should be listed as one of the free things to do in Los Angeles or in the almost free section but I do know it is really a cool place and needs to be listed on the site.

Like many free museums, they take donations but it is more strongly suggested than most places.

I asked if someone could come in if they had only no money or only a buck in their pocket and they said of course and since what they offer is so cool, I decided to go ahead and list it with all the other great and free things to do in LA.

As we all know LA is a great place for lovers of old cars. We not only have a strong history with cars because many were made here and we created the first freeway (the 110 between downtown and Pasadena) but our dry climate is great for preserving older cars.

Hence, we have several great car related activities and places to visit but this car museum really has something extra special.

Yes, they have special and one of a kind old cars but unlike any other automobile museum I have been to…

They Let You Ride In Their Vintage Cars!

Almost every Sunday, they choose three cars anyone over the age of ten can sign up to ride in a classic car.

Don’t worry about not getting there early enough because The Automobile Driving Museum is truly one of LA’s hidden gems. Even though it is just south of LAX, before going there myself, I have never met anyone who has ever heard of it much less visited there.

In fact my buddy Gonzo and I got to ride in all three cars they brought out on Sunday.

A 1969 Chevy Catalina Convertible, a 1937 Oldsmobile Sedan and a 1958 Nash Metropolitan

After taking a ride, we perused the museums collection.

They have one of a kind cars dating back to the early 1900s to modern concept cars.

While I normally avoid tours, preferring to wander about by my lonesome, I highly recommend opting for the tour with Inge, one of the museum’s many friendly docents because she points out a lot of really cool features you would otherwise miss.

Gonzo being a serious car nut which is why I asked him to tag along also seemed to have a lot of knowledge and was pointing out all kinds of fascinating things. Between the pair of them, it was almost information overload.

Anyway, as you can tell I highly recommend visiting the Automobile Driving Museum and especially on Sunday when you can ride in the cars.

Also, on the last Friday of every month they close the street in front o f the museum and folks from all over LA bring out their hot rods for a great time which I plan to check out. The show starts at 6pm but if you are bringing your hot rod you need to be there by 5pm.

The Automobile Driving Museum is located at 610 Lairport Street in El Segundo.

They are open Tuesday thru Sunday from 10AM-4PM.

For more information visit:

Old Los Angeles Gas Pump at  Automobile Driving Museum



Classic at  Automobile Driving Museum

Outsid  Automobile Driving Museum

Chevy Catalina at Automobile Driving Museum

1937 Potiac  Automobile Driving Museum

Conveertible at  Automobile Driving Museum

Old Ford at  Automobile Driving Museum

Old car in LA at  Automobile Driving Museum

Great Caming Car

Cool Car Interior