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Hammer Museum


Thinking this little challenge would be more difficult than it was, I saved easy stuff for last, like museums.

This post is more about all of our museum rather than just the one we went to. Covering museums alone could take a whole Summer.

We have so many of them and almost all are free at least one day a month. Many are free once a week and others are free all the time.

In keeping with the spirit of the challenge and showcasing things to do few Angelinos know about I chose a museum I just learned about.

Being Thursday, the kids and I had several choices but narrowed it down to two which fit the bill. The first was the Museum of The American West next to the zoo.

The other was The Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood.

We chose the Armand Hammer Museum because I had never been there and it promised to be less hot in Westwood than in Los Feliz.

Yes we found free parking and walked right in because...

Every Thursday is FREE!

The building is nothing spectacular but the courtyard and café in the atrium is nice respite from the hustle and bustle city life outside.

One room had some videos playing which may or may not have been kid friendly but when it comes to modern art you just can’t take that chance.

We skipped that and headed to the cool exhibit of sculptures.

Now modern art may not be your thing. I like it but think some of it is junk like almost everything in the room on the first floor.

Oddly, the room on the first floor is the one where no cameras are allowed. If it was my artwork I wouldn’t let people record it for posterity either.

But that is what makes modern art so cool is when you go out to see modern art, you have no idea what you will experience.

The wall murals were very cool and I especially liked the model doll house sized room wich recreates morning sun in a small and victorian room. Excuse me if I have the period wrong.

Modern art also makes use of sound, video and basically anything and everything.

For more modern art check out MOCA but don’t forget the many other museums.

Obviously, if you haven’t been there already, the Getty is a must see.

The Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena has a great permanent collection and the Getty Villa at the beach is another hot favorite.

The calendar of free museum days lists many of them and just check what is free on the day you have free.

The 30 week challenge is coming to an end and I will cover many more museums soon.

For more info on The Armand Hammer Museum here is their website:

View Armand Hammer in a larger map